03 August 2015

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01 August 2015



31 May 2015

Bulbul(Red-whiskered bulbul-ഇരട്ടത്തലച്ചി)

Red-whiskered Bulbul(ഇരട്ടത്തലച്ചി)

Cute little bird seen everywhere . Theses are common in urban areas, where they inhabit parks, gardens and along creeks. They stayed in groups. they make loud and evocative call and the song is a kind of  scolding chatter but very pleasing. Bulbul belong to the order of Passeriformes that is perching birds

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30 May 2015

A Light house

Kannur lighthouse
located at cost of Arabian sea. Nearest to the famous Payyamblam beach.It is adjacent to the Sea View Park(aka Baby beach) and the Government Guest House.
Spiral stairway inside

View from top

PRB-42 'D' type sealed beam lamp

This ,500mm, type of lantern with 3600 visibility spectrum were used in Islands and peninsulas where the light beam is required to be seen from all angles. The 500mm drum optic fitted inside is compressed moulded and polished. Normally flashing lamps are used as illuminant inside drum optics. The acetylene gas flashers used in these type of optics are now replaced by electronic flashers with halogen lamps
In PEDESTAL ROTATING BEACON [PRB], light beams are formed without using the combination of prisms and lens(optics). The lamps used in this apparatus are set to project light to longer distance. The lamps are set in different angles and the panel is rotated at constant speed to create flashing light with unique character
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 The scientific study related to Light houses and signal lights is known as Pharology

Kannur(Cannanore) light-house has a history of 172 years. From 1843 to 2015 there are almost 9 light houses in Kannur.
Focal height:115ft
Kannur lighthouse visiting hours 3.00pm to 6.00pm with entry fee

20 May 2015

Black Drongo [ആനറാഞ്ചി]


Belongs to Drongo family. Feeding on insects, it is common in open agricultural areas and light forest throughout its range,.This bird can be seen easily because it perches on power or telephone lines, open tree branches(means branches with very less leaves). And its perching is attractive. The species is known for its aggressive behavior towards much larger birds, such as crows, never hesitating to attack any birds of prey that invades its territory. Attacking technique is dive-bombing, that is, attack  by flying quickly down any birds of prey. Dive-bombing is the technique use to protect its territory. Once it halt on branch or something it fly quickly down  and comeback to previous place. It do this 2 or 4 times. Sometime this bird mimics the call of some other birds  . Botanical name is 'Dicrurus adsimilis macrocercus'. Someother of this, Drongo, category are migratory. 

What I found is that, the movie character, costume, look same as this bird...!!!
"Can you tell which movie..."?
Guess- This movie won 4 oscar


08 May 2015

Indian cuckoo

Indian cuckoo (വിഷു പക്ഷി)

Indian cuckoo, found in Kerala in summer season. In Kerala call this bird Vishu pakshi(വിഷു പക്ഷി). Vishu is a festival in Kerala in the month of April. According folks this bird's call is the initiation of this festival. This bird make very long range call. Estimated range is 1.5 km. It makes call at night time also.

Some says this is a migratory birds(found in Kerala in summer season). Because of its shy nature this bird keeps distance from others, may be, it likes solitary.

Listen the call
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03 May 2015

Naaval Pazham(Jamun)


ഞാവൽ പഴങ്ങൾ

Flowering time March-April. Fruit develop time April -June.Tree bearing this fruit has life span more than 100 years. The wood has water resistant property. It can be used for installing motor in wells.The wood is very tough to work on. Used for rail sleepers. Botanical name is Syzygium cumini.



08 March 2015

Eravikulam Park

Eravikulam National Park,Idukki,Kerala.

Tea Valley

Ride to summit

Green valley

Host of Eravikulam National Park

A Nilgiri Tahr (വരയാട് or മലയാട് )

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A nut with water in