22 July 2016

Mysuru - Ooty route

Bandipur National Park (Tiger reserve)between Ooty - Mysore route . Morning time, good road. The noise of vehicles, surely, made animals to keep away, though, this route is quite quiet and wonderful. Road through this forest connect most places(Kozhikode,Coimbatore,Mysuru,Ooty,Wayanad...etc) and three states(Karnataka, Kerala and Tamil Nadu)

National Highway(NH-766, NH-67 AND NH 212) lies in this stretch. Road condition, as you can see in images here, is good. But, in this part, allowed vehicle speed is low and it would be between 30-40 Km/h. And drive very carefully, for there would be animals, birds, beasts( for any fatality fine is very huge and imprisonment too)lots of turnings, curves,Junctions. Night time driving is not allowed (or not possible), road will be closed from 09.00PM - 06:00AM(and from 06:00PM- 06:00 AM two wheeler are not allowed here). Sometimes animals can be seen across the road and you should stop your vehicles and wait for the animals to clear the road. And also you can see very rare birds perches on roads. They flew away when vehicles came very close

While traveling here you will encounter with sign and warning boards more, than what you anticipate to see. You may not see a human pedestrian here

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Ooty - Mysuru